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Demand of the office building below macroscopical adjusting control 3 go greatly
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1.Macroscopical adjusting control is right the influence of office building demand

From the point of experience of development of market of developed country estate, by development model to manage model change is maturity of estate market trend is inevitable. In domestic land supply even more finite, especially natural resources of oversize city land is sent more rare be short of, below the market environment that money tightens up further, business of office building development is sure by open hairstyle to be managed to hold model change, from " development business " to " development business " the meaning of change depends on: Can last what it makes develop enterprise itself development becomes a possibility. Buy the firm client of intent so, especially the large group client with high quality can hold money to change on certain level hire, secondhand the market will be farther active. Development chamber of commerce shuffles further, channel of strong, financing develops capital actual strength expeditely overmatch of chamber of commerce heals strong. As a result of Chinese long-term low interest, look from future, the RMB appreciates is inevitable trend, this one phase before appreciate can bring about a foreign country (especially dollar) investment orgnaization or fund performance are brisk, the office building with taller to floor space character and client character, unified property right can show very strong interest.

2. Large sheet clinchs a deal the demand that reacts in case evolves into a trend

2005, in driving Beijing office building to sell the brunt of the market to remain endowment enterprise orgnaization, traditional industry is like finance, telegraphic, electric power to wait seek profits capability is strong, what be in monopoly position in the industry is medium endowment the orgnaization expands ceaselessly as the driving development actual strength of Chinese economy, be faced with a state-owend enterprise to recombine conformity and office building to upgrade at the same time the demand of replacement, those who become first class office building to sell the market is main induct force. Clinch a deal from large 2005 sheet can see in case, domestic proprietor of an enterprise wanted the office building of region of block of favour ZhongGuanCun, finance 2005, buy financial market among them it is tycoon of finance, insurance, and the country that garrisons ZhongGuanCun endowment the proprietor of an enterprise should value higher sexual price to compare.

Long already foreign capital fund considers also moving again and again 2005 on Beijing field, their target basically is CBD, Yan Sha, east the top class project of the area of business affairs maturity such as Chang'an Street area. In fact orgnaization investor is in 2005 active be not accidental. The market of Beijing office building 2005 appeared heat of the eastern side, in the west cold phenomenon. The eastern side with CBD, Yan Sha, east Chang'an Street area is dominant, enter rate rise successively, hire also when the river rises the boat goes up too, 16000 yuan sale price was once upon a time a few years more / square metre left and right sides carries rose 18000-24000 yuan / the level of square metre; Because,the office building that gives priority to with ZhongGuanCun in the west sells market criterion serious supply exceeds demand, the price blazes new trails repeatedly low. And the effect that gets macroscopical adjusting control, the capital catenary of most development business appeared nervous, be eager to disposing of the project, and medicinal powder carry out market got restrain again. Orgnaization investor chooses to move in this moment, often can acquire a property that has market potential extremely with extremely favourable price.
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