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Office building of area of Chongqing river north demands exceeds supply
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Follow the put forwarding of the new concept with a Chongqing northern city, area of north of Chongqing city river regards Chongqing city as another new politics, economy, the development of the center of culture, the office building of river north area also presented the state that demand exceeds supply, especially the first class office building of high-rise is full almost, be grabbed to sit by each company one sky. Present this phenomenon to basically have the following sides:

One, the first class office building that also matures in river north area at present only a few office building that avalokitesvara bridge business encircles, wait like edifice of prospective international, fine time, Tong Juyuan scene, and office building of this first class is entered halt rate all exceeded 95% . General edifice enters the second class office building of river north on the west halt leading is to rise to 98% above more, with the small family Mao Yedong square times that give priority to, c of red vessel international empty buy rate also is compared on year had considerably decrease. Review the office building that at present avalokitesvara bridge business encircles, what the room makes by this year March only is medium the scriptorium that letter edifice can offer at present is more.

2, because municipal government strengthened pair of river north, change north traffic, municipal is perfect, chongqing administration orgnaization is centered in change north, and avalokitesvara bridge lies fallow maturely, shopping trade group was to attract many company to enter the office building that is stationed in river north more, created the situation that at present first class office building demands exceeds supply, the office building that accumulates in the light of bedding face especially is more current the is short of urgently office building in river north market.

3, from the point of hire price, the hire price of the office building that the price of office building hire of river north compares the area in change wants apparently low, the price of the office building of high-rise first class of the area in change is in 100 yuan / smooth rice (by set inside the area is calculated) the left and right sides, and the price of the office building of high-grade first class of river north is in only 70 reach 85 yuan / smooth rice (by set inside the area is calculated) the left and right sides.

Be analysed again from property administration fee, the property administration fee of river north all valence is in 5-6 yuan / the left and right sides that make the same score rice, the first class office building of the area in opposite Yu Yu also is having clear competitive advantage.

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