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Collect of office building of area of Chongqing change north
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Chongqing city is northern, boreal change of the government, change north area already became the business affairs area with new Chongqing, especially the business affairs center that area of new memorial archway already became change north. New memorial archway is located in river north, change north, upper new developed area 3 areas are handed in collect the ground, relief evenness, traffic develops. Circumjacent radiate each big industry garden, it is Chongqing " the city is northern " the area of burgeoning business affairs since development, here centered unit of a large number of enterprises of Chongqing city, government, also can saying is an administration center.

The office building of change north area disperses quite relatively, basically center in area of California, new memorial archway, it is from river north avalokitesvara the bridge is gone to ceaselessly north is outspread.

What list area of north giving change below is mainOffice building:

Name of business affairs building

The position

Establishment form a complete set

Content runs cost


Edifice of Chongqing city total chamber of commerce

Highway of Ou Gongjin of north of Chongqing city change 22 (by Yu Tongbin house)

In all 31, 1-3 layer is business room, 4-5 layer business association runs public room, 6 employee dining-room reachs decompression center, 7-28 layer scriptorium, underground uses a room 3 layers for garage and equipment.

3.8 yuan / ㎡ / month

35-40 yuan / ㎡ / month

Beautiful Le Ziguang

Dial of new memorial archway of change north area

Enter type luxurious business affairs is big, carry nearly 8 meters tall, the area amounts to 250M2, elevator of high speed of 5 international brand; Luxurious and energy-saving corridor is decorated
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