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The office is geomantic 8 big fear
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Success or failure of influence individual career and working go well force of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties, besides residing a Yang Zhaifeng water, be the good or ill luck with geomantic office.

Of simple character, the stand or fall with geomantic office, affect situation of integral career carry not only, actually with every employee wife, money, child, salary has close relationship, the importance with geomantic office of it serves to show!

But, the office is geomantic made main points is various, provide readers sincerely here the contraindication with 10 kinds of geomantic offices, so that reference exercises authority, start good tomorrow jointly.

One, the office bright hall shoulds not be narrow small confine: Office appropriate bounty is extensive; the angle from static palace the Eight Diagrams, the office the bright hall of ahead, belonging to from, what be a career in the Eight Diagrams from divinatory symbols is indicative. Accordingly bright hall, i.e. office the position of ahead, can say to point to experience directly the future good or ill luck of this unit. So if the bright hall of the office is narrow out-of-the-way, certainly will is indicative this unit future is limited, block up is numerous, development is hard. After, if the Ming Tangjun of inside and outside of the office widens quiet and beautiful, mean this company or this unit, the future is like bright and beautiful, successful and successful.

2, the office ahead is unfavorable have strong evil spirit: The office ahead is unfavorable meet all sorts of developing evil spirit: Lu Chong evil spirit, pole evil spirit, greatly tree evil spirit, pointed horn evil spirit wait. Otherwise the employee inside the unit or director not only easy all things are not suitable, block up frequency is unripe, the disease is ceaseless, quirk again and again, government-owned blame talking around is much, transaction of even human affairs is frequent, centripetal force is insufficient, do not take employee.

3, unfavorable sky waves office seat: Office seat appropriate has backer; Because backer is good advocate noble is much, support muscularity, act is reliable, succeed power is full; Be like hind swing for nothing, often form actual strength inadequacy, the body is frail, human affairs stability is insufficient, employee centripetal force is defective, noble is not shown, affect the space of base oneself upon of all company severely even.

4, the office shoulds not be dark and unidentified, be deficient in daylighting: The radial light and shade of the office is spent, have absolutely concern with the success or failure of all career. Office appropriate daylighting is enough, bright and delightful, such outstanding achievement square can flourishing, good person comes forward. Strict and fair in meeting out rewards and punishments, employee people each use up its director, be in charge of with one one's heart. Conversely, the office of dim haze, often bring block up and not suitable, and idle of Lilliputian be in power, neglect one's duty ignore, employee people the movement power with low morale.
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