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The office is common and geomantic problem interlocution
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1.Is an office had so called " does Tibetan wind get together gas " pattern? What effect to have to the company?

"Cang Longju is enraged " just be a name, review 9 palace fly astral person, see office building geomantic, basically be the travel door that sees office building and the place that take, the star that whether must make at that time just about.

2.Of China geomantic learn to have " baked wheaten cake is southwest " say, put in the office to look, have this view again? If have, how can you dissolve?

9 palace flying star is done not have " baked wheaten cake is southwest " say, as a result of the star annual position and sit Xiang Jun is different, reason is southwest a may not is bad. Be like southwest it is happy star, that is sitting to also do not have disadvantage.

3.Hong Kong place is fine little, edifice of a lot of commerce calls somewhat " wear gauze " pattern, is that whatted is meant by " wear gauze " ?

"Wear gauze " " gauze " in geomantic for learned point of view, represented arteries and veins of a kind of dragon, right Bai Hu of dragon of left blueness of no less than is same. "Wear gauze " point to dragon arteries and veins to be crossed just about, destroyed " gauze " pattern.

4.If the office is set in have " wear gauze " the edifice of pattern, how can you dissolve?

Because renovate a large building of every unit geomantic different, reason can affect the halfway unit in the center only, we can use annual flying heavenly body will " wear gauze " pattern is dissolved.

5.Office some " evil spirit " which a few kinds be respectively?

Of the office " evil spirit " it is respectively 3 evil spirit, 7 evil spirit, evil spirit of an ancient name for the planet Jupiter and 5 yellow evil spirit 4 evil spirit. If want to dissolve, should be aimed at these 4 every year evil spirit.

6.Evil spirit avoid represents the office of above respectively what, how can you dissolve?

3 evil spirit reach 7 evil spirit those who represent an ancient name for the planet Jupiter is right to; Evil spirit of an ancient name for the planet Jupiter is in on behalf of an ancient name for the planet Jupiter; And 5 yellow evil spirit the position that represents unfavorable break ground.

7.It is for the angle of a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties, whether put a desk to call somewhat " rush continuously " , " is the back strong " , " isolated " are these geomantic not the position of beautiful? If have, what do this have bad to reach how to dissolve?

Be to do not have place to call for flying uranic angle " rush continuously " , " the back is strong " , " isolated " these not of the geomantic pattern of beautiful, reason need not be dissolved.

8.Is the desk the most auspicious the which position that is put at the office be?

Money make the place with a the most auspicious office namely, the desk can be put hereat.
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