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Buy Fang Feng water the standard austral 10 thumb
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Buying a house is not a small business to people, and also not be a person live, it is the fierce relation that affects whole family, before suggesting everybody is buying a house, much more discreet. A lot of people hope to be carried so that a geomantic good Lou Laian resides, do not know however from why to enter hand choice. We are its end 10 gist to nod now, buy the reference when the building as everybody:

(One) wind shoulds not be greatly

Guest of rich of real estate of city of Tianjin rich force
Household is elegant graph library sina is secondhand room

Should note wind sign above all. Wind is big near if disclosure building, very urgent interest, that shoulds not be choose and buy! Because although that flourishing with true building is enraged,be condensed, also can be blown to come loose by flurry without involuntary discharge of urine.

Geomantic learning is to take seriously most " Tibetan wind gets together gas " , the place that this represents wind force is powerful won't be flourishing ground for certain!

But want a bit more advertent, wind power is too great admittedly bad, but if wind force crosses delay, air is not quite current, that also is by no means an appropriate!

Optimal living environment, it is to gentle light breeze is blown slowly, cool breeze sends bright, this ability accords with geomantic path.

(2) sunny

Sunny -- Yang Zhaifeng water is the most exquisite sunshine air, so choice house lives, not only want air relaxed, and even sunny! If the building of sunshine inadequacy, often shade gas is overweight, can bring about messuage inquietude, really unfavorable live.

E.g. , have the house with an insufficient sunshine, move into one's husband's household upon marriage is already narrow the corridor that grows again, and sitting room and dining room do not have a window it seems that, the sunshine outdoor consequently hard permeate; Such building, it is air and sunshine all disrelish inadequacy no matter, can saying is one cloudy lentic, devoid opportunity of survival.

(3) relief appropriate is smooth

If building is located in over brae, should not choose house place, penates comes loose, the likelihood of family disperse. Relief appropriate is smooth -- if building is located in over brae, should inspect surroundings particularly carefully when the choose and buy so, because will look from geomantic angle, the building of relief evenness is relatively smooth, and brae is quite much in a extremely dangerous state!

The entrance door of exemple building is right the hillside that a terribly tilts, that should not choose house place, because not simply penates have diarrhoea leaks, and return meeting family disperse, go be not being answered.

Generally speaking, the money of building easy leakage on brae, and the building below brae is fragile fourth.

By the brae that the building is located in fling and falls, because evil spirit gas is too urgent too strong, often can bring about population casualties.
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