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How to choose floor from geomantic angle
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Geomantic learned core is talking of the five elements: The five elements namely gold, wood, water, fire, earth. Mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements of the five elements, its unripe order is: Unboiled water of igneous immature soil, autochthonal gold, gold, aquatic wood, wood makes a fire; The order that overcomes is: Earth of gram of igneous gram gold, Jinkemu, wood, earth overcomes water, Shui Kehuo.

The life photograph of everybody belongs to one of the five elements surely: Or belong to gold, or belong to wood, or belong to water, or belong to fire, or belong to earth.

Same, of Lou Yu every also belong to one of the five elements: First floor reachs 6 buildings to belong to water, 2 buildings reach 7 buildings to belong to fire, 3 buildings reach 8 buildings to belong to wood, 4 buildings reach 9 buildings to belong to gold, 5 buildings reach 10 buildings to belong to earth.

The five elements of building Yu Zhi, to living of the person hit the target the five elements, have unripe effect, aid action to be auspicious; If contrary, have photograph gram effect, it is ill-fated.

Exemple: Someone the five elements belongs to water. Live in first floor to reach 6 floors, its water can aid you advocate life water, auspicious talking; Live in 4 buildings to reach 9 floors, its gold can give birth to you advocate life water, auspicious talking; Live in 5 buildings to reach 10 floors, its earth overcomes you advocate life water, fierce theory; Live in 3 buildings to reach 8 floors, its wood discharge you advocate life water, fierce theory; Living upstair reachs 7 floors, its fire by you advocate life water exercises restraint, medium theory.

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