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The office building of scriptorium optional location is geomantic piece
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Sit solid

Edifice backside has mountain, belong to of course sit solid, if fruit edifice is rear,do not have hill, want to began to observe from the following:

1, the edifice is rear, if have house of a building,be relatively itself is lofty and capacious, after belonging to " to sit, have rely on " , also belong to " to sit the pattern of solid " ;

2, the edifice is rear, have a few Lou Yu height and itself large building are same, because of a few Lou Yuqun collect is together, market of force Yi Hui rises, enough support this large building, also belong to " hind have the situation that relies on " , it is " sits namely solid " also;

3, the edifice is rear, have grave of a hill, but height is very low however, this edifice compares its tower above a lot of. Itself belongs to " backer the case of faint " , but because this hill is natural, also can serve as backer so, because of natural environment, very big to geomantic consequence. After this edifice also belongs to " to sit, have rely on " ,

4, the edifice is rear although have Lou Yu, but shorter than former a tall building however the word of one big chunk, belong to " backer the case of faint " .

Beautiful water 5 photographs

According to general principle, the comparison that there are cistern or fountain before the door of business affairs building is good, but a bit must notice, in the Christian era before 2003, according to the principle with black empty flying geomantic star, if the gate of business affairs building is west, criterion before the door sightless water, it is otherwise the god enters the water, turn over flooey suffer unexpected personal financial losses.

Water has the branch of beautiful water, evil water again, beautiful water has 5 looks:

1, water quality is clear (clear dead water)- - advocate abide just when the method earns money, money carry is smooth.

2, odour is pure and fresh (some spring contain Gan Xiangzhi ingredient)- - to go up auspicious, advocate get together money.

3, running water calm or utter a word are fine have charm (cry water aing jade-like stone)- - advocate earn money cozily, money comes from in the right way.

4, if shape has feeling (water having feeling)- - running water or circle or hemicycle ground are surrounded tangle at ahead, advocate get together money.

5, water wants to should carry (0 gods water)- - advocate money carry improves instantly.

Green Long Baihu is arenaceous

Optimal edifice, it is the Zun Fanghe that is in an edifice right have a building, but these buildings, want short the building that crosses edifice backside, the building of peccadillo edifice backside, still not was ideal otherwise is geomantic.

The Zun Fang of the edifice weighs Qing Longfang, right weigh Bai Hu square, in geomantic learn to go up, most be fond of is Long Jiang crosses a tiger.

Long Jiang crosses a tiger, have 4 kinds:
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