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"Raises 8 gist " -- the office that helps your raises is geomantic
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Disrelish pay too little? Where to always feel the boss does not know your value is in? Psychological tired out, should quickly untangle drops ability travel, "Raises is geomantic 8 gist " teach you a few small methods, let a boss make clear Hunan state, know your value.

Easy warms one piece pursues, gold is in everywhere

The gas field of the office can compare the gas field in him home to come generally speaking " hard " a few, so! Can place piece of downy figure, when workload is big, can easy in order to be opposite, when talking about pay inevitable justice demit beautiful.

The thing puts left, high pay is good enter Mian

You may not know, but the direction of the right hand depends on the individual's dragon place, if the thing numerous and jumbled archives is in right, take money not easily of course!

Fan is blown, pay fertilizer

Gas knows popular feeling feel well, a young fan is placed on the table, can quicken the gas field near the seat more expedite, as time passes, person energy of life is climbed litre, can be responded to very quickly by the director's kindness.

Illuminate on lamplight, raises day arrives quickly

Buy namely can confuse you toward what seat upper part illuminates model lamp holder, when going to work, leave, the high speed of downy upper part sheds kinetic energy to measure, the seat that lets you can get together because of the person and money gets together! Unplug except the needle acute, await the evil spirit breath with opportunity acuteness as bad as a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale article, normally appearance has the weapon of bit of similar ancient time, the reason that raises won'ts do has many, want special attention at this o'clock.

Big lamina piece, money is elegant

Beside the seat, can place small plant of on one plant, but should remember selecting the broad Xie Lu with big leaf plant, this kind of post can help your money carry climb!

Jing Shi is not moved, pay also is the same as

Some people like to place a few lovely rock on the desk, little imagine stone can be the stuff with shade very heavy gas, the unripe money desk that places it in oneself is not a clever way!

Incorrect acute angle, pay does not run

It is average person this bit easily the place of oversight, be! The place that should prevent eye institute to reach furnished or the acute angle of the wall, because acute angle looks long, mammon won't arrive.

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