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The daylighting of the office is geomantic illuminant appropriate from left hind
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1. illuminant appropriate from left hind upper part illuminate comes over

Eye health counts light source, because this illuminant had better be,come over from illuminate of the upper part after worker is left. And seat cannot to the window, because work day,this is to the window, the light is intense, can have undesirable effect to eyesight.

Upper part of 2. the top of head cannot have big droplight

Upper part of the top of head had better not have the light, can not have large droplight more. Can go up in the desktop first so generation glances, cross-eye eyeball is adverse; Second in case decorate not firm fall down, can break the person below the lamp. There is the light on common head, also can be in subconscious in generation crisis feeling, bring about mind inquietude, absentminded. If the light is insufficient, a desk lamp can be added on the desk.

Building ceiling habit is used sound-absorbing board type fluorescent lamp is embedded inside removed furnish, open type building office especially, can see the ceiling fluorescent lamp of the platoon normally, because this regular meeting somebody sits below fluorescent lamp, this is really unfavorable. Upper part of the top of head had better not have the light, cannot have large droplight more, can bring about mind inquietude otherwise, absentminded. If the light is insufficient, it is better that a desk lamp can be added on the desk.

3. prevents to glance evil spirit

The geomantic actor of low quality that we know office building basically is by geography environment, daylighting, ventilated wait for an element to form. Because this office building prevents,glance evil spirit very important. In the past glancing is to build the pond outside, river to cause more, mirror when the smooth shadow of rock indoors when, formed glance evil spirit. Glance evil spirit meeting brings disaster to the person, is this why? If be of river water,glance room, can produce the wave film of rock, indoors the smooth film that this kind of rock forms on the ceiling, inevitable meeting makes the person's spirit is centered not quite, can make the person generates a kind of intense sentiment not self-consciously even.

There are a lot of buildings to use vitreous act wall in city now, can form to the building of near neighbour thereby glance. Of wall of act of this kind of glass glance very intense, shoot indoor light very harsh, this kind of intense light not only easy destroy field of indoor and original good energy of life, return the mood that can make the person generates be agitated impulse.

If the office has,glance strongly enter, can use thick curtain to hold off, also can use windowsill of green miniascape park, such already beautification indoor environment is changed again went glancing evil spirit, kill two birds with one stone. Return the thing that can use an aquarium and so on, block strong evil spirit, drive the lucky million since wind unboiled water then.
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