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The geomantic effect of floor is very big really
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Recently, the likelihood is to buy room tide to emerge move, dr. Zheng receives the phone that comes from domestic a lot of friend, mail again and again, the theme is such accord: I should buy a house, help me calculate the character 8 that issues us to live please which floor is best? It is below about floor the answer of geomantic and integrated problem:
One, is the geomantic effect of floor big?
Dr. Zheng tells you, of course effect is very big. So the person of an avoid fire, living is the floor that belongs to fire fitly in, it is the haul that has him damage and health necessarily, light criterion haul has block, suffer unexpected personal financial losses, Guan Fei, have disaster, serious defect again. It is a person that has lucky power to live, the metropolis will be lucky halve. The person with ill-fated travel lives, ill-fated meeting more decline. So a person that is fond of fire lives, this suits relatively, conduce haul free is suitable. When ill-fated when coming, also meet will ill-fated halve; Lucky when coming, everything get twice the result with half the effort, haul is more suitable scene. Accordingly, the geomantic effect of floor is very big, cannot ignore.

2, is of the five elements of floor how?
Very simple, remembered please:
, 6 belong to water.
2, 7 belong to fire.
  Three-layer, eightfold belong to wood.
4, 9 belong to gold.
5, 10 belong to earth.
Prep above 10, from count again and again. For instance 11 are talked by, the rest may be deduced by analogy.

3, since where does building number of plies calculate?
Although this problem is very simple, but often easy and promiscuous. For instance, some edifices have underground a few, should add so? Some edifices are done not have 13, 14, how should calculate? Actually, dr. Zheng tells you: Be sure to keep in mind what any edifices tag is a few, it is a few namely, the reason is very simple, because floor is geomantic,can count only the five elements that place of a number represents, accordingly according to tag will calculate can.

4, which do I suit after all?
After all you are to live in rock-bottom, intermediate layer to still live in the high level, need understands oneself above all, because life of different person, different the five elements manages, corresponding and different geomantic pattern. Accordingly, need understanding:
1, your belong to place of photograph the five elements, express as follows:
Any of the twelve animals pig of dog of chicken of monkey of sheep of horse of snake of dragon of hare of rat ox tiger
Water of ground of gold of gold of earth of fire of fire of tract of timber of wood of natural environment of the five elements
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