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How to invest the office building of tall redound
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The purpose of investment is pursuit redound, of high investment tall redound endowment concept of conduct financial transactions already was affecting every investor deeply. Office buildingRegard high investment as one of industries of tall redound, no matter be orgnaization investor or individual, investing a concept is redound of pursuit high specified number. How does ability get tall get one's own back? The property that investor of this be decided by chooses, although different property invests the redound of same earnings different also. In the period with this information current high speed, orgnaization investor is collected in information, the respect such as the processing of significant information shows clear advantage, although the element of consideration of the place when investor investment is general identical. It is the main factor that the consideration needs when investor chooses property below:

The actual strength that develops business is investor is done decision-making when the chief factor that must consider. Land price begins violent wind to rise since 2006, business the ground the center that great majority is located in a city, the Gao Ke that develops cost thinks and know; The actual strength that consequently high cost is decision development business is main element, if develop business to be able to be had manyOffice buildingProject. On one hand, the development business that owns many projects is rightOffice buildingOf the project run have sufficient knowledge, no matter be the project of early days or later period, metropolis obligate appreciates certainly the space gives investor, those who be can continue later " leading edge " , and not " be ruthless " , solely pocket all profit. On the other hand, this also is the main chance that develops business to establish a brand. Nowadays estate market is buyer's market, brand value is one of a magic weapon of development of development business future. The brand is established is the job with development chief trader.

Will consider from the itself of the project, the position of the project namely the main factor such as condition of a sector of an area, hardware and software service. Of landed bound " a sector of an area " theory is in actuallyOffice buildingIn market application more deep. Everybody is talking each big trade group, a mature trade group can have resource of all ready municipal infrastructure, commerce and business affairs form a complete set, more mean talent, technology, information and capital concentrated. An adult business affairs division can make the gather land of big company, attract shut downstream industry gather together with its, own complete industrial chain, form benign loop. Company optional locationLikely area, the likelihood has more opportunities and client resource, promotional the collaboration with circumjacent and relevant enterprise and connection, this also are one of main factors that investor chooses to invest target place to need a consideration. By the another main factor with derivative a sector of an area: Traffic; The stand or fall of traffic situation affects the business affairs cost of the enterprise directly, with employee connect diligent cost and office efficiency, meet those who affect pair of business opportunities hold even. Urban center embraces central traffic situation to already became enterprise and employee the most painful the thing that ache. Multidimensional traffic system should be the handiest and feasible method that improves traffic condition, this is why the project with increasing orbit easy communication in the market increasingly welcome reason.
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