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5 gist element decides how to make office building of international first class
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Office building is the totem of market economy. Represented the building form of current and top level and content of science and technology, the office building it may be said that can reach top class level is rare. Office building of first class of international of sex of mark of a ground, it is development not only business and symbolize into what be stationed in company actual strength, it is the pride of a city more. Flourish with each passing day in commercial real estate today, an equipment that how makes office building of high quality international first class successfully had made landed industry gets the market topic of attention. Below the author makes what office building of international first class does an individual elaborate to how succeeding from the following respects:

Area with traffic

Office building of international first class regards an enterprise as the carrier of office and actual strength figure, area a sector of an area appears particularly important. What the enterprise chooses to do public property course of study to choose above all also is an area a sector of an area. The integrated valuation of office building depends on not completely itself of office building product, generally speaking, the area of office building property decided with a sector of an area its are preliminary greatly value. So, first of the decision criteria that regards international first class as office building, should be project place very advantageous, be on center of urban business affairs or commerce to collect an area commonly, the height of value of the public traffic network of understand, grumous business affairs atmosphere, a sector of an area and product value is unified, just be office building value is important prop up.

Design and establishment

Office building of international first class regards international company business affairs as the first selection of office. In products plan and respect of hardware establishment form a complete set, the designs concept and science and technology innovation of the look up before all wanting to reflect international. Fall in order to satisfy market fractionize requirement, more and more mature client demand. Accordingly, office building of first class of international of sex of mark of a ground, first should have its distinctive culture temperament and individual character on design of preexistence product exterior. Intelligence of system of system of load of tall, standard, power supply system, air conditioning, elevator, 5a changes layer of space of type of other explicit building, aseismatic grade, office, standard systematic configuration and berth car quantitative respect all answer obtain line of business the optimal standard inside. The easy that afore-mentioned hardware configure a level to will affect office building later period to move directly is measurable. Will tell to property of hold office building, more adoption energy-saving model equipment, can the operation cost that very old rate reduces him later period, make can last of oneself development power becomes stronger.
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