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Investment business uses property Chongqing the right season or time
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Business shop:

Anabiosis period, investment wants discretion

Cast those unused and old property aside, only from this year taste newly supply in light of, the it may be said of business shop project of Chongqing slants little, in all more than nearly 10 project. In experience " empty buy leads the whole nation the first " bitter hind, chongqing commerce real estate is in anabiosis period.

To more investor, seek exhibit boxing foot greatly in new trade group, manage into

To investor character, want to choose a sector of an area that invests business shop definitely, price, opportune moment above all. Next, want to pay close attention to area program of the city particularly.

  Urban residence:

New breed, appreciate the space is large

With the summit the other shore of 1 date, Chun Sen, Heng Dahua government office those who be a delegate " urban residence " still belong to burgeoning product in Chongqing, but be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen city of 4 big a gleam of, this kind of product is already special and mature, if residence of Pan Gu grand sight, ocean is waited a moment, it is the delegate of individual fortune, be connotation of a kind of life and identity more is indicative, make public is worn honour flourish experiences the top level that the city lives.

Be in together urban core area, "Residence " with " apartment " having substaintial distinction -- , luxury of outstanding, configuration, service changes character subtly, use more comfortable. Residence still has his distinctive resource, or is in advocate city center, or is enjoyed rare be short of landscape.

Compare with average house photograph, the rental redound of residence, appreciate the space is more outstanding. Be in together the market that rent, price of residence product hire is apartment kind 1 times above, such tall hire is propped up by living high-end crowd, conversely, tall hire redound decides the high price of property is worth. As we have learned, tall tube of the business affairs crowd that the renting client of residence works generally for nonlocal Lai Yu, industry, gold is gotten and entrepreneur.

Current, the price of Chongqing residence product, according to different area, clear water or clothbound, otherness is bigger, be in 7000 - 10000 yuan / inside the interval of square metre. The expert thinks, the inning that now is intervening residence -- , the process that new product always has to be accepted, once be approbated by mainstream group, mean appreciate.

With villatic, business the investment such as the shop tastes photograph comparing, residence has investment cost stability of earnings of low, rent, appreciate space the dominant position with big, small risk.

  Top class office building:

Trough period, enter city the right season or time

Current, chongqing is high-grade of office building into halt rate amount to 90 % above, year investment return rate is in 9% - between 15 % . Investment objective basically is actual strength centrally abundant group, general with in long term give priority to.
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