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Office building invests: Should be preparative hack house decorated?
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Is planning the building that lease goes to this decorate or do not decorate? This is a problem, hire office building unit the owner that go out to a lot of preparation, this is a major problem more.

Mr Ma is in friend circle, be a relatively successful estate investor, there is contribution quite in investment house respect especially, his under one's name has had nearly 10 houses, with same a sector of an area compare with type unit appearance, the unit of Mr Ma always is can the price with better lease, and the time of empty buy is opposite also shorter. The successful experience of Mr Ma has only, namely " essence of life is packed " . Mr Ma be willing to part with or use is devoted, he every are in average can compare others after a property floriferous a 89 yuan cost undertake decorating, buy relatively delicate home appliance and furniture. And, the property majority that Mr Ma place buys is located in the place with better a sector of an area, rent a settle or live in a strange place general relatively be willing to part with or use spends money, accordingly, every month hires the unit that he puts the property that lease to be able to compare other people on average more 500 yuan or so.

At the beginning of this year, because residential market is relatively turbulent, mr Ma is acted on " do not put the egg in same in basket " principle, bought office building of class of a second. Him basis rents the experience on the market in the residence, mr Ma also undertook to unit of this office building clothbound is repaired this, though floriferous 339 yuan or so, but the setting of whole unit is beautiful round of beautiful Huan, the neighbour that passes in light of people click of the tongue praises.

Mr Ma thinks his unit is designed so beautifully completely, can go up in the market that rent certainly ovation. Cannot think of, what the fact imagines with him however is different. Inside the time that approachs a month, come the person that the unit of Mr Ma sees is very much, complimentary person is not little also, but agree the person of counter-bid is not much, have actually clinch a deal of apiration is to do not have more.

Mr Ma special indissoluble, seek advice to the intermediary company of v/arc sale at reduced prices, intermediary company tells him, the cost that decorates to call in, the unit that the hire of Mr Ma wants to compare others is nearly 1000 yuan tall / lunar left and right sides, and the company that chooses office building of class of the second that rent is not the company with very big dimensions originally, natural to the addition of cost very sensitive. Besides, of Mr Ma decorate beauty of United States criterion, to a lot of enterprises character however may not is completely operable, still must be decorated 2 times so, nature of a lot of enterprises also was lost clinch a deal appetent. Still have a company, compare satisfaction to such decorating originally, think to be mixed basically the demand conform to of the enterprise, it is certain to have clinch a deal desire, but geomantic Great Master is asked to look after going back, say such design and him boss are strong however, traded to also do not have later development naturally.
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