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Civilian source edifice changes be about to revive change body brilliance SOHO2
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On November 6, SOHO China announces with 1.029 billion yuan of Cong Huayuan the group buys those who get sodden remaining part 12 years external " civilian source edifice " , be about to make high-grade office building and commercial item, and more the name is " brilliance SOHO2 " . This appears on the market for SOHO China first when a month comes trade.

Later, see Zhu Baoduan ceaselessly about this relevant report of sodden poop deck. Media is right problem of its history bequeath whether solve thoroughly put doubt attitude. On-the-spot seek by inquiry should discover our newspaper after sodden poop deck, original program design is backward, belong to on century concept work, do not accord with current market demand. In November the middle ten days of a month, shi Ge of SOHO China president Pan accepts our newspaper at this point exclusive special interview, expose this first of sodden poop deck rebuild plan.

Question of edifice of hearsay civilian source is much

Response: Hua Yuan solves problem of sodden end bequeath

Sodden poop deck is bought case since appearing, because historical bequeath question is difficult,solve, the reason such as operation capital inadequacy continues to rot the circumstance of end happens from time to tome. What be as long as 12 years to sodden end is former " civilian source edifice " , ceng Can and the development business that should rot poop deck buys competition express, "Of this project ' water is too deep ' , do not see an end greatly simply. Do not see an end greatly simply..

Dawn of ginger of vise general manager of company of great exploit business also points out, "Question of bequeath of this project history is more, be not what 3 character can say two sentences clear, it how is later period solved is worth while really how is later period solved attention.

"SOHO China is bought now ' civilian source edifice ' development company the equity of 100% , but consider here range ' depth of water does not see an end ' , of SOHO buy actually cent pace undertakes. " should rot to industry rumor the historical bequeath problem of poop deck, the response when Pan Shige is accepting our newspaper phone to interview says, we and Hua Yuan signed a contract, we turn first 55% equity, after waiting for Hua Yuan to rot this all problem processing ends poop deck, we ability is paid the rest of amount of 45% , hua Yuanquan authority assures later, such we do not assume any this law risks of sodden poop deck. Do these problem estimation to want 1-1.5 entirely year time.

All problems that to Pan Shige place says are solved by Hua Yuan and assure, our newspaper interviewed Ren Zhijiang of Hua Yuan group (guest of Ren Zhijiang rich, hold the post of annals strong news, ren Zhijiang says) . "The project does not have any problems, all problems when I buy this next buildings already were solved " , ren Zhijiang gave to the historical bequeath problem of this project clear.
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