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Beijing CBD will establish the area of integrated service garden that has origin
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In CBD core area east the side, riverside that understand benefit is continuous on the land of 1.7 kilometers, the industrial garden division that building a variety of consumption such as meal of a be in harmony, bar, recreation, artistic, cinema, hotel to need sue for peace to serve a function in the round, will appear in March at next year. This is this morning reporter from be in charge of by CBD appoint bureau of business of division of meeting, rising sun, tourism bureau and agency of area of tall tablet inn hold jointly " forum of innovation culture industry and Beijing ' flourishing age Long Yuan ' the project is recommended meeting " on understand.

According to introducing, this project depends on bank of the Henan that understand benefit closely, start is located in CBD core area east to the south of bridge of side, 4 benefit 200 meters, extend 1.7 kilometers eastwards, always invest 4 billion yuan of RMBs. Garden area always covers an area of an area to amount to three hundred and fifty-eight thousand seven hundred square metre, floor area is close 200 thousand square metre, afforest area will achieve 232 thousand square metre, water system 12 thousand square metre, parking lot 50 thousand square metre. The area of main body function of garden area will by 4 collect, two courtyards, one inn is formed. Among them " cate is collected " will gather together tens of homes are famous meal enterprise, form group of high-end brand meal, make Beijing have an area most the area of the prandial meal first selection of appeal force. "Bar is collected " style of a hunderd schools of know exactly about sth the bar restaurant with disparate, bright characteristic, will depend on much tall concentrative, tall complementary sex, more alternative wait for a characteristic to become Beijing's new recreational meal center. "Recreation is collected " in KTV, sauna, SPA, fitness, report plays wait for a project, the subprovincial administrative region of recreation of Kang Tixiu idle that will make all-around, much kind. "Art is collected " will gather jewelry of on 1000 gold and artwork distributor are spread, for numerous culture Tibetan friend offers artwork to trade superexcellently choice. Still will build the movie theater that those who used science and technology of newest seeing and hearing exceed modernization and theater and the public house of contemporary business affairs of a 5 astral grade levels in addition. Garden area still will be garden business door enterprise is offerred include content shedding to deserve to send, the support of all-around form a complete set such as service of banking of property security, client management, business affairs, make whole garden area forms what conform with CBD trade group, the complete function system that provides internationalization level most.

Current, garden area is in in full blast construction, predicting next year in March complete, at the appointed time, group of construction of Chinese classic form group, exceed the modern theater, park that exceeds large-scale halfback cinema and gardens type design to propose common form give a complete Beijing to provide the characteristic, integrated service that provides originality most most garden area.
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