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Development Road Shijiazhuang Area Commercial Development Area Prospect challeng
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Sitting on "the upper hand Shui" advantage, Xinhua District, in recent years become a real estate "get together" in the region. Not only the Berlin area, high column area, New Garden District and other "old" community, but also the Duke of Tianshan new, Kam Lun (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House Unit), North County (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open H ouse units), Zhuoda * River Forest Road spectacular real estate and other new generation standing. Zhao Tuo Park as well known in the region, it is also known as Zhao Tuo Area.

Both want the bustling city sitting on and want to enjoy the clear water surrounded by trees and pleasant life, this is the dream of every home buyers. With the capital "under three years," the implementation of, this dream is gradually becoming a reality Zhao Tuo Area.

October 19, from the newspaper and the Shijiazhuang City Real Estate Association jointly held real estate Sharon to "Zhao Tuo Area - High-quality residential real estate to enhance value" as the theme, the provincial capital professionals and developers in-depth discussions with representatives of .

Rise of the reasons for the Regional Development Urban Planning

"Urban planning in Shijiazhuang in 2005 to modify the development proposed to the north, this plan has been modified so that Zhao Tuo Area development opportunities."

- Shijiazhuang municipal government decision making Deputy Director Guo Provincial Advisory Committee

In recent years, Zhao Tuo chip area community sprung up, which changes in urban planning, transportation improvement, home buyers and developers of residential change in the concept of product upgrades and other factors.

Planning to change brought about development opportunities

Shijiazhuang, 60 years from the last century, began to engage in urban planning, plan to modify the 2005 proposed the development of the capital to the north, Zhao Tuo Area has become the middle ground, highlighting the increasing status, this has the opportunity to develop.

Project director of real estate consultants Jalan Director of Operations pointed out that the upper primary day, precisely because of planned changes, led to the improvement of traffic, which further enhanced the status of Zhao Tuo Area. In the traffic network in Shijiazhuang, the North Avenue has a pivotal position. It is the Passenger Station and definite fast track between the international airport, the future may also become the capital of the old liberated areas and the District of connection points. From this perspective, the position of Zhao Tuo Area because of the improvement and upgrading of traffic.

Living concepts into positive factors

Shijiazhuang City Real Estate Association Vice Chairman and General Lee water analysis, the concept of people's living from "home" to upgrade to "Easy Living", the upper hand in Sheung Shui, Zhao Tuo Area, and thus attracted the pursuit of quality of life the eyes of home buyers. Guo Province has also agreed to this view, and that the city settled with the airline, Hebei, the region will gradually improve the package, along with the region itself has environmental advantages, the region's livability is increasingly obvious.

Developers keen to see a change in the concept of home buyers, in this based on a series of product upgrades. Real Estate Development Co., Ltd Shijiazhuang, Hebei Xing Da Yang, director of marketing pointed out that the region is now both affordable for the general public type of housing, but also improve the demand for high-end communities. Beautiful environment, convenient traffic, coupled with a wealth of products, will be the rapid rise of upscale communities in the region of positive factors.

Regional short-board "three missing," regional development constraints

"Zhao Tuo lack of good film schools in the region, the lack of large-scale health care structure, the lack of large commercial centers, which restricts the development of the region." - Lee water

The guests that as the development time is short, the facilities within the region is still not perfect, coupled with the lack of large-scale industry support within the region itself is the lack of hematopoietic function, it is difficult to support from the large commercial center.

Real estate market from a low

Jalan Head Director of Operations Director of real estate consultants recalled upper primary day in 2002 when the Area in the provincial capital is a relatively low-end market.

At that time stationed in the small developers, only a few properties for sale in the sale, selling is not prominent. The mainstream of the region is mainly around the crowd to buy Hirayama, Luquan buyers and other places. From a regional point of view within the mainstream consumer groups to the main village residents and small workshop-based, so the region's commercial development is not perfect. Zhao Tuo Area Multiple causes relatively low starting point of the real estate market.

The basis of commercial development was weak

Because of their weak infrastructure, supporting the region is very lacking. Water in the eyes of Li can be summed up as "missing three" - the lack of good schools, lack of major medical institutions and large commercial centers. Guo provincial analysis, focusing on primary and large medical institutions, it is difficult to rely solely on the strength of the developer introduced. But the government also needs time to achieve planning, these problems would be difficult in a short time a big difference.

The problem of the lack of large-scale commercial, Michael Wang Jun, director of real estate sales that this and the lack of large-scale industries in the region, region has a lot of hematopoietic dysfunction. Need a lot of purchasing power of big business to support, but the region is currently hard to prop up the purchasing power of large-scale commercial development. Jizhong energy future, as the completion of Aviation City, Hebei, this situation may change.

Future business or a new direction Experience

"In Zhao Tuo Area to build large commercial complex, can be considered participatory, experiential, scenario-oriented business model." - Upper primary days

As a newly developed film area, Zhao Tuo Area faces many future challenges and opportunities. Guests that the region should make full use of the advantages of Jizhong Energy, explore new business models in order to develop.

Will promote the commercial development of headquarters economy

Jin Rui Zhang Chunmei, president of the city that the marketing plan, Jizhong Zhao Tuo Area headquarters in energy, commercial development in the region has a positive effect. Her analysis, along with the headquarters located in Jizhong Energy, will lead to selling high-end residential area, will drive the high-end hotels, office buildings, large commercial and a series of large industrial development. "Commercial development from the economic point of view is a good thing, but the local Aboriginal people, raise the threshold of life is not evade this problem. But overall, it should be more good than harm." Michael pointed out that .

Difficult to meet the needs of traditional business

About the future commercial development in the region, the guests that the consumption patterns of experiential Zhao Tuo Area could become the new direction of commercial development. Shijiazhuang City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Hong Liao Xiaoqing, director of marketing pointed out that the high-end real estate in the region will be more and more difficult to meet these groups traditional business needs, the future of the regional business model should be innovative.

Zhang Chunmei Zhao Tuo Area that the current situation, and 5 years ago, around the Pearl of the Orient like the federal. At that time, invested heavily in the development business, some innovations in business models, such as the Oriental Pearl Street, the scene of the underground business to attract a large number of consumers, which is the commercial development of Zhao Tuo Area reference.

Analysis of upper primary day, from the current situation, the region's population is not enough to support large-scale commercial development. If we do not and should not do the traditional business model, but should be an experiential, situation-oriented business model and change the forms of distribution ratio, and this may attract more people to other regions in this consumption. ■ text / reporter Wang Jie

Review this week, operating history and culture should not be making money "kidnapping"

In the newspaper "decade" topic of the first period, the plates on the peaceful road of development, to mention the preservation of historical and modern life is far from conflicting views. Because today's so-called removal of barriers that people everywhere may soon became a treasure to find. However, for the city's history and culture, in addition to the selection of demolition and stay there the more difficult issues - business.

A history and culture preserved, if not through the operation "means" always just a resource, always stay in the spirit level. Those long human history, rich cultural resources and heavy culture, how to change advantage of resources as an asset, but also a city of a region and a test.

Nationwide, the success of cultural industries too numerous to mention, such as the operation of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong Confucian culture; Linyi, Shandong, celebrity culture, the history of business. So, Shijiazhuang Zhao Tuo culture where it would take it? Zhao Tuo in addition we have seen park filled park, Shijiazhuang, a gap in Humanities, with strong historical and monumental, but also need to operate on the history and culture.

Speaking of "management" term, many people think of commercial operations. However, note that the business culture in the history of money to avoid being "kidnapped", the full commercialization of cultural heritage, the culture that precipitated the Millennium have become a replica of the city business district, a "lack of culture, more than ridiculous" situation.

From a consumer perspective, well-known marketing experts Philip Kotler to people's consumption behavior can be divided into three phases: the first is the amount of the consumption stage; second stage is the stage of mass consumption; third stage is emotional consumption stage.

At this stage, a large number of surplus goods and serious homogenization, between the different brands of similar products would in quality, performance, separate, consumers are more likely to be attached to the goods or the emotional value of the brand on the move This is emotional consumption stage. Emotional need for creative expression of emotion consumption stage, operating history and culture also in the operating history of the emotions, such feelings can not be shoddy, they are not commercial. Therefore, the operating history and culture can not do some superficial good business.

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