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Rong Chi Building Shushan 4500 yuan / sq grade office building
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Rong Chi Building identification chips lasted nearly a month of time, and achieved good effects of identification chips. According to this site know, into the office building is expected to Chile officially launched by the end of November and is currently booking registration and identification chips can enjoy the golden 2000 Yuan arrived in paying back the 1 million total opening of the offers. Project come out, people will become favorable for the object. Since the Sept. 30 opening of the Yangtze River Road, has been elevated, advice to customers is an endless stream of visitors. By at the scene, most buyers come to youth enterprise, at present Before the growth stage, they are attracted by the financial wisdom of building for entrepreneurs to provide low-threshold stationed conditions, a good image, a comfortable office environment, quality service, while providing unlimited expansion of the business platform for enterprises Industry in the future development of unlimited support. Building project, according to the financial person in charge of intellectual, financial wisdom Building 23 floor, suite 246, the source, including 1-2, 3-23 level for the shops are offices, the office of external identification chips that area from 50 square meters to 1500 square meters , Units can be combined, agile and strong, the average price of 4,500 yuan / square meters, underground garage and ground floor spaces, the GEM is the chief office in Hefei. In addition, during the identification chips are given preferential identification chips to pay 2,000 yuan or gold Capable of reaching 10,000 yuan back the principal. Chi-building in the financial business with the Yangtze River Road, around the country for three years Um purchase Plaza, Vientiane City SONGZ, high-tech industrial parks, commercial centers and music off to the animation industry base. In addition to the superiority of external conditions, building financial wisdom Details of the office is palpable. Luxury high-ceilinged lobby of 9 meters, 3.5 meters of standard-storey, four Mitsubishi brand elevators, two freight elevators high speed ,1.8-2 .5 m / sec, for the office to save time. A stripped-down office In space, you can bag and office, will play a high-quality office Shushan West.
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