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Commercial real estate office building investors moved to invest the time has c
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As the number of office buildings loans, real estate buyers are not subject to copy number of the New Deal affected a number of astute investors recently have started to turn to commercial real estate investment field, the Shanghai office market is less affected by the policy, and gradually shown a steady upward trend. Time has come to office investment According to analysis from January to October, the Shanghai office market transaction area of 11,125,000 square meters, bright performance transaction data. Real estate developers are very positive about the market, supply a significant increase over last year, 181 million square meters of total supply compared to an increase of nearly 32% over the same period last year. Throughout the Shanghai office market conditions, can be found in this law: office as the market environment, policy implications will fluctuate, but the market supply, trading area, the price is relatively stable, the overall rising trend year by year. Inflation is expected to increase in 2010, the price including rising oil prices, more funds need to find a way out, office investment opportunity had come. Stable returns from continuing operations Hot office is no accident that, in general mature office project return on investment of 5% -8%, 10 to 20 years is expected to be able to recover the costs. Third quarter of 2010, the Shanghai city, the average Grade A office rents increased 5.1% to 7 yuan / square meter / day. Central office rents in Puxi ratio (qoq) growth of 6.6%, the largest increase since early 2008, the average rent of 7.0 yuan / square meter / day. In Pudong, the rent chain to 3.2% growth rate slowed slightly, the average rent is 6.9 RMB / square meter / day. It is based on a relatively stable rate of return, the office market to take the opportunity out of the independent market. Meanwhile, office property, the whole of China is still at a primary level. But as the market matures, the prospect of attractive office space. In addition to the one-time sale of revenue from continuing operations, will generate rental income, asset price appreciation and the appreciation of land the double profit. Currently, a lot of money need to find new investment channels, is picking up on the office market is bound to be the best choice, in early September, the CIRC issued "Interim Measures on equity investment of insurance funds" and "Interim Measures of real estate investment of insurance funds," allow insurance funds to equity investment in unlisted companies and real estate, which is good news for real estate office. It is foreseeable that the value of the property outstanding advantages, will make the expected impact of inflation, the more investors will invest in looking to get into the office market.
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