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Xuanwu new office policies favorable occupancy rates stable finite
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Guang An Men, Xuanwu District office project focused on the media business office area and Xuanwumen Avenue area. Guang An Men Wai business district is located in the Xuanwu hinterland to the Grandmaster bridge as the center Guang'anmen inside and outside the street as the dividing line, concentrated in the north and south ends, with a total area of about 1 square kilometers. Currently, it has become the region's largest corporate-density, enterprise-scale economic strength and one of the strongest in regional economic development plays a decisive role. With Xuanwu District Bureau of Statistics data shows that enterprises are densely distributed in the region in 2009, the latest statistics there were 699 enterprises, employment reached 23,853 people, is the most concentrated area office needs. Category from the enterprise point of view, different from the CBD's high-end customers, demand for office space, Xuanwu District, mainly large and medium state-owned enterprises and small from foreign-funded enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises and limited liability companies. Divided from the industry perspective, demand for office space in the region mainly in the wholesale and retail trade, business services, media, finance-based, coordinated development between the industry and interrelated, so that there continue to extend the industrial chain, especially in accounting, law , information intermediaries and the banking, insurance, securities and other financial institutions together, for the development of a business district full range of supporting services. Limited area of the market performance of new office projects more stable occupancy rate Grandmaster office market, mostly for self-development projects funded enterprises, the project focused on the Grandmaster bridge as the center Guang'anmen inside and outside the street as the dividing line, concentrated in the north and south ends, with a total area of about 1 square kilometer area , such as the Hong Kong China Travel Building, high-tech buildings, machinery building, information building, located in the building and so on. Completion of these projects are more long years, the relative backwardness of various facilities, mostly for Grade B office rental offer is also relatively low, the average price of 3.2 yuan / day / square meter. Among them, the high-tech buildings offer 3.6 yuan / day / square meter, machine building offer 2.7 yuan / day / square meter, Information Building 3.2 yuan / day / square meter, the Building, located 3.2 yuan / day / square meter, the occupancy rate of these projects will remain at 80 % -95% range, resulting in a high occupancy rate of several reasons. On the one hand, heavy volume of new projects in the region much, many projects are put into use 90's of last century, on the site enterprises, out of the office environment, lots of traffic considerations and other factors, corporate customers will not easily move site, resulting in the relocation is not frequent. On the other hand, settled in this region are mostly small enterprises in the development of enterprise environment for business reasons, these enterprises are large enterprises around the basic self-developed project, or close to some large corporate headquarters location of the items , also prompted a high occupancy rate of these projects. In addition to these projects, Grandmaster business district also scattered some of the newer projects, such as blessed Centre, International and Qin Lang, the large body of these projects, with facilities, the rent quoted at 4-5 yuan / day / square meter , but the new area is relatively limited, little impact on the original project, there is no existing rent levels within the region cause too much volatility. Media Boulevard office project, after nearly 10 years of construction, has the early profile. Global Wealth Centre, Sogo Plaza, Fu Zhuo Building, Wal-Mart shopping plaza, Beijing Mobile Communication Center floor, and other clues to the beginning of this road is the media. Market demand within the region mainly from the large state-owned enterprises and small-scale foreign-funded enterprises to the global landmark projects within the financial information center and a regional pioneer in Sogo Plaza in particular. Centre for Global Wealth Xinhua News Agency, middle peasants, represented by the Group's financial, media of large-scale state-owned enterprises, and institutions based, almost no other types of occupancy customers. Sogo Plaza is a large gathering domestic and foreign representatives of small-scale projects, some domestic enterprises have rented the whole floor area, such as Huawei-3Com "Sunshine Express" Editorial Department, China Gold Coin Incorporation, shares of Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co. company. There are many foreign investors, Hong Kong-owned companies have in setting up branches and offices in Beijing, lease area generally small, such as the Seoul Business Agency Beijing Office, the East machine Trade Beijing Office of Hong Kong Limited, KSB Lin, Beijing, China Representative Office, Japanese Exploration Co., Ltd. Beijing Office and so on. And CBD business area compared to the occupancy, where qualified foreign institutional slightly inferior, the industry is relatively dispersed form within the region to facilitate road, rail and CBD area is almost the same, but the 5 yuan / day / square meter rent price is about has obvious advantages, the occupancy rate of 95%. Development of favorable policies for future development is expected to Currently, Xuanwu District, Guang An Men Wai business is lagging behind the development, strengthening the business environment, improve infrastructure, improve traffic organization and concentrate our efforts on resolving land development, to create conditions for the long-term development is a priority. Policy, "promote the city in the southern regions to speed up development action plan," the promulgation, to include the southern business district, including Grandmaster brought good news, is conducive to accelerating the business district, industrial structure adjustment, the effective integration of various resources . The future will rely on the Ministry of Water Resources and Hydropower companies focus on the advantages of the industry chain to develop and improve the water economy of the region economic growth rate. In addition, the future will have more financial, accounting, legal, consulting, information, and professional services firm supporting the business district assigned to the Grandmaster, and improve the comprehensive service functions Guanganmen district, district office market to promote Grandmaster development. Media Boulevard area office market, facilities and project their own conditions than other regions, Xuanwu District, is relatively mature, and these aspects are embodied in the qualification on the rent and stay clients. However, compared with CBD, Zhongguancun and Financial Street of the distinctive positioning, Xuanwu Avenue, the positioning of the international media is clearly too vague, particularly CCTV, Beijing TV and Phoenix Satellite TV has to stay, Chaoyang District, Xuanwu media to bring no small road challenges. Remove the transport facilities, a prerequisite for policy support, and if the business climate within the region to further develop, I believe that the brand will attract more customers to stay, so that the overall regional quality improvement.
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