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Ring Double Park 20 million square meters within the international grade A off
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In charge of financial landmark deal with the world economic game Ring Double Park 20 million square meters within the international grade A office space, welcome Tasting Enterprise development in the global integration of capital and time, the world's financial business landmark, not only check the overall strength of enterprise, highlighting its prominent market position, further confirms the economic trends of the times, as the host city and even a symbol of the will of the national economy! Strength of business landmark in charge of enterprises, economic development will be the first to grasp the pulse of the global economic game in control of the initiative in a timely manner, success in the future journey. Control of the lots around the city, supporting the high ground resource value Strength of the companies participating in the response to control the world game, we should do step by step to win, which one of the keys is a keen market sense of smell, smooth information channel. Food Safety Parkview Financial Plaza, built around the city's only 20 million square meters in the international Grade A office buildings. Urban core of the strategic location, let operators control the internal affairs of resources around the city, overlooking Paradise Park, Blackpool dam of two rare scenic beauty! Strength lay not only for high-end corporate image basis, leaving it with a strong ability to control the regional resources, the steady response to the global economic tide. International Grade A standards, the world's financial business platform configuration Powerful business force, not only the efficient functioning of the global strength of the enterprise, is the source of its sustainable development one. Financial Plaza Parkview food safety to international Grade A standards based on the configuration used to build the world's leading technology in the design, such as: temperature and humidity independent control of central air conditioning system, 26 high-speed OTIS elevators, removable floor, etc., for the intellectual elite to create a world of advanced intelligence, eco-business environment, business efficiency and allow enterprises to global synchronization. China Merchants Bank and other agencies work together to create the headquarters base of global industry giants China Merchants Bank has been robbed headquarters in Anhui, more powerful enterprise after another, work safety and food Parkview Financial Plaza, Build a world-class financial and commercial platform. From the resources of this platform, brand, image, culture and other point of view the development of enterprises have to stay strong and far-reaching driving force to enable enterprises to more expansionary capital more active and integrated into the economic rise of Anhui province in the great world stage process! Food Safety Financial Plaza Parkview 3D multimedia sales center is now open worldwide! Greet the tasting!
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