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Beijing office project cost-effective recommendations
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The total area of 19,000 square meters, New World Centre, with a total construction area of about 20 million square meters, underground three, five-floor podium and tower four (apartment, South / North office, hotel) 16 layers; basement and on the ground One to five for the department store, underground two, three to the main parking garage, three underground space also has six air defense, air conditioning and refrigeration, the transformer / power distribution room, pump house and life, between the fire water tank, etc. Electrical layout of the main space In the basement. Grade A office space in which two north-south, bay area of 41-2465 meters. New World Centre is located in Chongwen Men Wai Avenue, connected before the three Main Street, Chang'an Street, Dong Dan Silver Street and South Second Ring Road, the Metro Link and Metro Line 5 interchange. Project is adjacent to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, the ancient Temple of Heaven Park Royal architectural community, surrounding the Beijing New World Apartments Ottawa, New World Courtyard Hotel, the new hotels, and other luxury properties overseas. New World Centre has a range of community living facilities, municipal schools, parks, sports centers, municipal health Care facilities, markets, and other necessities.
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