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Property rents basement meets with owner claim for compensation
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Gold encloseds ground for growing trees 56 owner think rights and interests suffers encroach sue a requirement to return return 150 thousand yuan of profit

Think property company rents basement the person that work encroached his rights and interests, village of center of sunny area gold 56 owner sue 3 buildings to the court, company of property of requirement Beijing gold returns rental still income 150 thousand yuan, and basement restorable. Yesterday morning at 9 o'clock half, open a court session of court of village of sunny court Olympic Games heard this case.

Much at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, the village has many 30 owner to come to court of Olympic Games village.

Owner says on behalf of Mr Wang, he was 2003 gold encloseds ground for growing trees the owner that 3 buildings enter the first times. Begin from January 2004, property company begins to zip to the safe passageway between basement, subsequently basement begins somebody to often come in and go out, inquiry hind is informed, these people are from property the company hired a house to live here.

Owner asks property company and development business remove basement for many times rental room, but ignore of the other side. According to " matter right law " , they think basement serves as " contract of commodity house business " medium subterranean equipment layer and people's air defense, should share condominium for all owner, because this mixes property,development business appeals to to the court.

Property company agent expresses, entrust a contract according to early days property, property company has authority to undertake administrative management to this basement. "This is owner far from all state-owned areas, put in development 's charge however business is all. We run rental room, it is to make up for property to run deficit. It is to make up for property to run deficit..

Agent of company of estate of high heart of development business Beijing says, the area of basement is 527 square metre, the mutual area of owner is room of elevator well, distribution to wait only.

Owner shows on front courtyard " building quality certificate " in waiting for certificate, make clear, underground is equipment layer, 2 humanness are prevented, owner thinks to press " matter right law " , these places equally shared for all owner area. Development business says they do not approve this one statement immediately. Advocate careful judge expresses, if development business disagrees, need takes out relevant proof proof.

Because both sides is right rental room is put in very big dispute, advocate careful judge expresses, after before the court will send a person, be being investigated toward the village, again open a court session of choose an auspicious day continues to hear this case.

■ the investigation outside front courtyard
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