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Property tax points to commercial real estate many residence owner should pay ta
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Then expands levy object the owner that has many house comes true to want to own house property only stage by stage should pay taxes

Property tax may be pilot 2008, and most begin to collect from commercial real estate first -- Feng Changchun of director of praedial research center was in Beijing University recently " the force that transforms a town " Chinese landed peak expresses on the meeting, because the drag in area ratio such as commercial real estate, office building is less, so most leave from commercial real estate first proof, then expands levy object the owner that has many house, progressively implementation should own house property only should pay taxes.

Not come singly but in pairs, wang Jiping of director of land tax bureau expresses Beijing of not long ago, beijing hopeful is obtained before June batch impose property tax to the commercial real estate such as industrial business, office building.

This a series of messages introduced to property tax where the wind and the waves are highest again. However, the Luquebingbu that sees the property Shui Kaizheng that is like evenness is even. Property tax publishs the reform of brought comprehensive tax system that will be real-estate industry, it is the challenge that runs a system to having housing. And the overall levy taxes that should realize pair of most house property, be not in one day to be able to be reached.

Total bureau of national tax Wu expressed recently about sectional chief, external environment be caused by, property tax won't leave 2008 proof. Those who ask for probably time is in 2010-2015 year, this has reached consensus in interior of duty Wu total bureau. And Zhu Zhigang of undersecretary of Ministry of finance the middle ten days of a month was written in website of Ministry of finance in December 2007 civil express, although leave,imposing property tax is sooner or later thing, but in at present the condition falls to ask for difficulty very big.

Property tax aims at commercial real estate

Only then 2003 new reform of round of tax system, among them important one is integrated to having estate tax cost to undertake. Publish property tax, perfect the local taxation system that gives priority to body with property tax.

The Communist Party of China that held in October 2003 16 3 in on plenary meeting, property tax appears in first " the Central Committee of Communist Party of China about perfecting system of socialist market economy the resolution of a certain number of problems " in. Subsequently, official of total bureau of tax of the Ministry of finance, state releases property tax progress ceaselessly, this one categories of taxes takes public view then.

On January 25, 2007, tax total bureau allots the state " countrywide tax stop work for the day made a point 2007 " will " plan of research property tax " including is year of work limits. 2007 " two meetings " during, refer National People's Congress of 10 whole nations 5 times the draft of finance budget report that the conference discusses, also allude " the executive plan that considers to impose property tax " .
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