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Beijing property serves contract demonstrative text to apply formally on May 1
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Wait for a lot of link through seeking opinion, open proof, around last a period of time between 1 year of a long time, involve Beijing citizen innumberable families " property of Beijing early days serves a contract " and " Beijing property serves a contract " demonstrative text comes on stage formally today, will apply at rising on May 1.

" property of Beijing early days serves a contract " development is signed between construction unit and property, unit of demand development construction is chosen before selling property when hiring property to serve an industry, sign, report city to build appoint give fair show. " Beijing property serves a contract " when demonstrative text offers owner plenary session or owner choosing hires property to serve an industry, use.

Old property evacuation beard informed in March ahead of schedule

After any one party in owner committee and property decide to serving deadline at the expiration of one's term of office, renew the contract no longer, all ought to be in at the expiration of one's term of office before 3 months written announcement the other side, join the preparative time with enough obligate to property. New property still is had no to carry on after former contract termination, former property ought to continue to provide a service by the agreement, property cost still is agreed by original contract by owner the standard is handed in. Property is serving evacuate of the do sth without authorization inside deadline, or be in the refus after contract termination not of evacuate property area, all must pay penalty due to breach of contract to owner. Property cost announces case of income and expenses regularly.

The property service that cares generally to owner collects fees problem, since the day of the at the expiration of one's term of office of deadline controlling a house that stipulates property serves cost to ought to build an unit to inform from development in text plan close, offerred " a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash " or " monetary reward is made " choose for party.

Owner exceed the time limit did not hand in property to serve cost, according to exceed the time limit daily extremely wait for a standard to assume corresponding fine for delaying payment.

Decorate must not collect fees in disorder

Property company should conclude with owner decorate service agreement writtenly, outside decorating a service to expend except conventional collection adornment, property is not gotten separately cost of plan of fee of card of cost of production of card of administration fee of the member that collection decorates person of rubbish quiet carriage, construction, door, start working, cop decorate the charge that concern with adornment. Did not cause common place, common facilities facilities and bearing structural attaint, property should be in finishing hind return cash pledge sum inside 7 days.
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