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Beijing: Next month of property contract model carries out resident to owe prope
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Property company is managed put in owner 's charge all common establishment is used at advertisement, building to rent wait for an activity, must pass line of business appoint of the meeting written agree, and total income puts in owner 's charge all. This one relation has room a group of things with common features the problem of personal interest is written to enter a contract to try to make clear and be protected. City is built appoint as industrial and commercial as city bureau drafts " property of Beijing early days serves a contract " with " Beijing property serves a contract " demonstrative text " 51 " case carry out, jockey collect fees, decorate the focal problem that waits for equipment to get attention to be included among them, the regulation is made clear in model for painting, owner defaults property cost to will make fine for delaying payment.
Contract of city industrial and commercial bureau grows Wang Shan to say everywhere, " property of Beijing early days serves a contract " demonstrative text will serve as " contract of commodity house business " accessory, sign with property company before selling a house by development business, need reports city to build appoint give fair show. " Beijing property serves a contract " when demonstrative text offers owner plenary session or owner choosing hires property to serve an industry, use. Two contract model set the right that develops tripartite of company of business, property, owner and obligation clearly.

■ about owner

To early days property the service has right of know the inside story

Although contract of early days property is by development business and property company are signed, but service object still is owner. Contract model is clear: Owner enjoys know the inside story to counterpoise in early days property. In safeguard owner interest while, model for painting also made clear corresponding obligation further, if have,default property cost, owner should pay overdue fine, according to contract law regulation, this standard is daily property cost extremely, both sides also can agree other level.

Common establishment does management beard classics owner is written agree

To putting in owner 's charge all common place, public facilities, property company wants to be used at advertisement, building to rent, can be managed etc seek profits activity, should ask for owner committee is writtenly agree, and every half an year announces earnings situation to owner, accept supervise. Management accrual puts in all owner 's charge, but apportion arrives door serve expense to the property that reachs below one year, also can be used at the village to transform or capital of compensatory and special maintenance.

Common who does partial right of administration put in 's charge, view a decision by owner congress business.

■ about property

Property must not sell owner data
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