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Owner owes cost job appoint can answer be in charge of chasing after denounce

Beijing builds appoint chief expresses: Civilian be in business to hand in service fee to must be used at property service more curtilage

Beijing is built appoint chief expressed yesterday, owner owes capture property cost, owner committee should be in charge of urging capture, sue; property company to be able to consult even commercial property standard, xiang Zaimin curtilage in the property that the owner that be in business or property make collection of choose and employ persons corresponding serves cost, but the fee that collects more must be used at property service.

Property cost is the owner service fee to property company pay, but village service fee is few can 100% capture, capture rate achieve 80% be tall, cost of property of a lot of villages is captured rate only 40% arrive 60% . Who is handing in property to expend to be being punished? Lang Qin has owner of quite a few to reject pay property to expend field, former the owner that capture expends begins to complain not the owner that capture expends, have later also join not less not the team that capture expends, bring about a village nobody guard a gate, nobody are cleaned, cake of environmental form smoke into smother.

Netizen " small or petty proprietor of Lang Qin garden 2 " put forward: Quan  touchs Ju dizzy Mo to block eunuch? to suggest property is expended January or first quarter one capture, be in next next time when owner congress, the voting power that uses you nods color to if be opposite,see; to property course of study appoint the meeting is malcontent, might as well classics haunt course of study appoint can suggest to their advise; perhaps adds job appoint meeting, replace job appoint your malcontent in the meeting member; perhaps starts line of business appoint can reelect. Replace job appoint your malcontent in the meeting member; perhaps starts line of business appoint can reelect..

City is built appoint chief expressed yesterday, the owner that will not pay property to serve cost to disobeying property to serve contract agreement, exceed the time limit henceforth or property use a person, course of study appoint can want to supervise and urge its pay. "Owner is a group, owner committee is responsible expend to property of pursue and wipe out of the owner that owe cost, sue to the court even. " this chief says, "Property company also can suffer owner congress to entrust, sue the owner that owe cost. Sue the owner that owe cost..

Be being expended to property is after capture is expended, serve first, still be the problem that the capture after serving first expends, this chief says, if bilateral agreement is made with monetary reward,pay property service fund, the floor area that needs to own property by its by owner beforehand if pay cost; is bilateral the agreement pays property service fund with a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash, both sides can agree property is expended is beforehand pay or it is property of midway pay; cost is OK a year of one capture, OK also first quarter one capture, even in January one capture, it is with bilateral agreement accurate.
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