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The high level discusses property tax detail tax rate or 0.5 %
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According to attending the meeting audit personage says, the debate on the meeting is intense, of property tax carry out had formed a few plan

Yesterday, personage of know the inside story tells a reporter, recently, branch of some high level called together the partial personage related to estate to attend the meeting. It is reported, "The debate on the meeting is more intense " , and this the theme of the conference is property tax.

Relevant personage says, this is level is top in recent years almost seminar of property tax policy is discussed. A personage of audit attending the meeting discloses, "In fact, of property tax carry out had formed a few plan, relevant discussion also tends detail. " this personage still expresses, look from the case of the conference, property tax implements inside year pilot province city by " empty " turn " solid " , "The target that already became high-level thrust " .

Predicting tax rate is in 0.5 %

Personages of afore-mentioned know the inside story express, "Everybody talks very intensely, those who say is the difficulty that property tax carries out and detail. Those who say is the difficulty that property tax carries out and detail..

It is reported, second conference is here medium, quite the opinion of orientaton sex thinks, initial stage is carried out in property tax, predict specific tax rate may be controlled in 0.5 % , possible also a bit lower. And this one word is decided really, what basically consult is the standard of the developed country.

Current, beijing already " idling " property tax of 3 years imposes a standard is: The 0.8 % that assess property value every year arrive between 1.4 % .

" daily economy news " the reporter understands, be in the United States, the standard of property tax arrives in 1.2 % between 3.5 % , the region economy situation with each state different ground and property state are carried out neatly. And personage of know the inside story expresses, china's original property tax is effective the standard of tax rate, will be the United States 1/5 the left and right sides. "This also mirrors a policy constitutor to beg firm state of mind. "This also mirrors a policy constitutor to beg firm state of mind..

Or deduct living space of average per capita first

On the levy standard of specific property, the reporter understands, the somebody on the conference puts forward, "Do not be aimed at residential property temporarily, begin from commercial property only. " but this opinion, sufferred the opposition of a few people. This part person advocates, "Should execute to residential property not only collect, and be opposite even have room of the 2nd ring and above, implement progressive high tax rate. Implement progressive high tax rate..

Nevertheless, also somebody advocates, answer room of the first ring to execute exempt, do not impose property tax, be aimed at the 2nd flatlet only.
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