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Three workers at the head office Shimao project by the end of June next year
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Shimao work three complexes have been sold about 70% of its office building project is expected to take the lead in "Welcome to open the door", by the end of June 2011 can be admitted. The business part will be opened September 1 next year, the hotel was on September 30, this is the news from Project sales offices get the latest news. Shimao complex work, including two three-5A class office, a hotel property rights, and 65,000 square meters of shops, of which 2 single- family office opened in June 2009 to April of this year has been the main customers of energy companies the whole Purchase. Then introduced volume of 2.6 million square meters of Grade A office space are still three hardcover in the sale of the whole layer, the average price of 49,000 yuan / square meters, including a flagship store for the property to four shops, a total of 1.5 million square meters, are still 6 Sets in the sale. Another 5 million square meters of commercial single-family department store for the Shimao held rent not for sale, located in the high-end fashion consumer area, divided into four layers and the basement floor. It and two office buildings, enclosed by the two property hotel Fashion Square and a pedestrian commercial street. A total of 504 sets of hotel property rights, the current left in the sale of 40-50 units, the average price of 48,000 yuan / square meters, the entire paragraph 95 discount, Unit for the 61-143 square meter home to Sanju.
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