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Hangzhou building dish adverse element, was development business informed
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Spent nearly 1 million yuan of houses that buy, sign the contract that buy a house to just know around have a rubbish terminal. Hangzhou just is in before long before some building dish the Xiaoyang that bought a house, when the domestic doorway that was informed oneself to did not come recently will have a medium-sized rubbish to handle a station, very open-eyed: "When I see a room buy a house, after personnel of carry out building had not said here with me, can plan so a project. " he of have no alternative, was forced to join village owner people of the organization " dimension authority team " , preparation " denounce a view " .

In recent years, because there is the house property safeguard that adverse environmental element produces by the side of Lou Panzhou,authority incident emerges in endlessly, "High tension line " , " cemetery " , " railroad noise " , " bitumen factory " ... providing an easy living environment for owner is to develop business to get accredit of the person that buy a house and one of satisfactory essential factor originally, but it is in these or big or minor incident, many owner doubt develop business to be concealed somewhat to the adverse element by the side of Lou Panzhou.

· these adverse elements, have certain effect to living

Why be Lou Panzhou edge adverse element? A personage inside course of study points out, circumjacent and adverse element is to point to a building dish limits of plan and construction (namely the program red line that common weighs) beyond, have the objective presence of negative effect to the interest of commodity house vendee. Normally the circumstance falls, these adverse elements can't affect the implementation of living purpose, also will not produce a harm to person, but can produce certain negative effect to the physiology of habitant and psychology.

Have by what damage actually without, adverse element can be divided for objective kind with psychology kind. Former be damaged consequence like the OK and real sense such as noise, odour, soot, wear railroad, high for instance quick way, high tension line, public transportation maintain terminal of pumping station of center, sewage, rubbish, change bridge of electric place, road maintains place.

Psychological element is to point to those cannot particular move is damaged, but the adverse element that perplexes easily into psychology to man-made, for instance cemetery.

Bureau of Hangzhou city environmental protection the Tang Dynasty surname engineer tells a reporter, build rubbish to wear the criterion for evaluation that waits for establishment terminal, transformer substation, chemical plant, high to be by the side of Lou Panzhou, "It is to see its safety defend commonly distance. With respect to sewage disposal, sewage pump stands in 50 meters besides more reasonable; Rubbish stands make the dimensions bulk that basically sees it, generally speaking diminutive rubbish station does not have an influence to residential village; The influence that be worn high and quickly basically sees noise whether accord with a standard. The influence that be worn high and quickly basically sees noise whether accord with a standard..
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