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Sign business to spread contract avoid by all means to take care
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Much area taking a heart, bar counts contract of autograph of the shop that buy business same also cannot little

Ms. Wang bought one office business to spread in Chinese mouth downtown, but the near future hands in,the trouble met when the room: Acceptance of original development business can put the berth area of 8 bar, can put down 6 bar only nowadays. Because extend hack rule according to Wuhan business, it is to press every bar to calculate commonly of the price, the pays every months in order to rent bar comes to mortgage a paragraph plan that Ms. Wang has considered so, was hit now discount.

Business shop and general housing photograph are compared have its specialty. Be in same a floor, the rental price of bar of different a sector of an area is different. Be opposite so for a few investment person that buy a house, be bought merely according to floor area, cannot assure yield.

So, the shop that buy business whether by bar number is bought? Bureau of Wuhan city house property thinks about chief, according to the concerned policy with active country, the active sale unit that business spreads is floor area, come impossibly by bar number distributors shop, when undertaking property right register, also cannot count by bar register. Nevertheless, this controller thinks, if buy a house,to bar number undertook conventional in the contract, development business should honor the agreement.

The reporter reminds here have the customer that buys business to lay a plan, the lot closes to want to be taken care more at the same time, best can agree in the contract bar is counted, had better undertake the length to bar, widely, high be limittinged well and truly.

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