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Zhejiang: Avoid tax cost signs the false contracted both sides that buy a house
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Court of people of clear county of Zhejiang province heart was in cognizance place one case a few days ago the discovery in dispute of building business contract, both sides of former, the accused is expended for avoid duty, signed a false building business bond. For this, the court made the civil punish of amerce to 2 people lawfully.

Last year the end of the year, live in De Qing prefectural male yuan the Dong Mou of the town bought Shang Mou an all house property, but did not think of the autograph is made an appointment with, pay, after consign house property, shang Mou does not wish to assist Dong Mou to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register tardy however. But under, dong Mou told Shang Mou the court.

The details of a case of this case is not complex, the court decision also was made lawfully after the court finds out a fact, support Dong Mou's lawsuit to request. But at the same time, the court made each fine a RMB to both sides of former, the accused again 500 yuan civil punish.

Original, the business contract that Dong Mou and Shang Mou sign originally agrees, house property price is a RMB ninety-one thousand eight hundred yuan. But after a few days, two people are cost of tax of little capture change the name of owner in a register, signed a false contract again, made over the price to become a RMB 70 thousand yuan.

Pass the cognizance of desks of pair of dispute of building business contract, the court maintains the behavior of both sides of former, the accused to belong to ill will to collude with, the regulation of lawbreaking, administrative regulations, because this had penalty to both sides.

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