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Business of property right type is spread " the v/arc rent land or a house for s
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On the sales promotion market that extends in business of property right type, "After making work first, hire, absolutely 0 risks, assure every year to provide the investment get one's own back of 10% " wait for similar propagandist wording, make a lot of investor very enchanted.

However, "Return after carry out hire " if develop business place to describe,redound is not however " pasty " general and goluptious. For this, our newspaper is handpick 3 " return after carry out hire " shop of business of property right type invests a record, the hope gives a reader a few caution.

Case 1

Retreat as awkward as the face difficult choice that does not return a house

Zhang Mou is estate investment objective, business of type of property right of the v/arc rent land or a house for subletting after a carry out that open to booking was being bought at the beginning of this year is spread. But, arrived to set the date that makes a room, it is left however etc right wait not to see development business makes a room. Zhang Mou tells development dealer the court to ask to return a house then. Because open to booking a contract to say very clearly, development business exceed the time limit makes a room 30 days, he can return a house not only, still can receive bit of penalty due to breach of contract.

But, had done not have a few days, oneself are spread to managed a company to sue by a business again. Original, when development business is selling a house, sound called the increase of investor, business the shop is consolidated entrust a business to spread administrative company, the company of management of shop of a business that still allows Laozhang and oneself to appoint at the same time signed a portion " entrust management agreement " , clear Laozhang is like do sth without authorization to remove entrust manage, want to undertake responsibility of breach of contract.

At this moment, when old Zhang Caiming is buying business to spread at first in vain, development business was set to oneself set.

The lawyer is commented on

A few days ago, construction ministry reiterated again " commodity house sale runs way " in prohibit " the v/arc rent land or a house for subletting after carry out " regulation. But a few businessmen are rolled out again " entrust management plan " . That is to say, the person that designates tripartite and investment to buy a house is signed " entrust management agreement " , come so, nature is not the v/arc rent land or a house for subletting after development him business makes work. Because from jural tell, tripartite and development business are two independent legal person.

When " return after carry out hire " varietal " entrust manage " when, its return OK and direct diversionary investor. If develop business to be opposite,open to booking contract beak a contract, but still can pass " entrust management agreement " will control the person that buy a house.
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