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Business store space is encroached to develop business to should be carried duty
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Yesterday afternoon 2 when, the citizen's familiar our newspaper standing is free law seeks advice from a column " Zhou Er's lawyer connects a line " punctual meet with everybody, two lawyers are opposite the Yu Tao that comes from Sichuan peaceful and peaceful attorney office and Xie Mingshan the question that citizens raise gave proper proposal.

[the lawyer solves] Lai Nv person: I bought before New Year partly secondhand room, but when buying, seller does not have property right card, up-to-date the property right card of this house has not done, I once had searched to develop business, they admit the house cannot handle property right card, I can retreat a room to take a money, but development business is not taken now give money, how should I do excuse me?

The lawyer solves: Lai Nv person is OK to people court to lodge a complaint, to development business claim for compensation, request a court to be carried out compulsively.

Ms. Zheng: I bought some business store that develops business, the wire that makes Fang Houcai discover others home, gas canal, conduit is passed inside the business shop from me, bring about business shop to cannot be used. When I and development business arrange this matter, they with " yourself did not see a program pursue " for shirk responsibility, and the conduit that there is someone else home without the agreement inside the contract that both sides signs spreads a course from my business, how should I do excuse me?

The lawyer solves: Develop business " did not see a program pursue " reason is have not a leg to stand on, watching a program to pursue is not the obligation of owner, and the plan that business lays also did not make clear designation this, in the meantime, development business has make sure complete access does not get owner space encroachment obligation. Behavior of such break a contact belongs to development business encroach owner space access, ms. Zheng is OK to development business claim for compensation, perhaps ask to change the current situation.

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