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The white-collar complains Lou Yu to decorate problem office building to the edg
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Giddy, bosom frowsty, eye is urticant... this year first half of the year, condition of city room core purifies what association has received a white-collar 78 cases to complain, the Lou Yu that him report goes to work is decorated at the same time, still be used as yard ground at the same time, bring to him body a variety of unwell. And this problem hopeful is solved through legislation, " public wholesome regulation (edit draft) " be at present in consult opinion, the Lou Yu in prohibiting decorating is used as yard ground to be labelled one of consult opinions, already received the approval of a lot of common people at present.

"We receive what the white-collar decorates to Lou Yu to complain many, but how to solve appear very intractable however. " indoor purify association secretary-general Wang Fang to tell a reporter, because do not have code to set to in decorating medium Lou Yu, cannot work at present, it is association is in advise process not only so intentional and faint, also appear even relevant government sector lose one's head.

Wang Fang expresses, complained citizen passes a telephone call mostly, appear be nervous, the working unit address that tells him association stealthily only, dare not reveal oneself true identity however, dare not appear even. Ever a called girl lets association feel is pregnant woman, but the true condition that she does not wish to disclose her from beginning to end, request association to be able to help only the job that provides working place to decorate

Affection, let association appear sympathize with very much, very helpless also. "The working unit address that complains at present has Pudong near 8 hundred companion and the business affairs floor that Fuzhou road takes, still include two foreign enterprises. " Wang Fang discloses.

And the reporter understands in investigation, it is working unit is decorated not only let a citizen detest, a few communal circumstances decorate what do business to also let a citizen avoid at the same time at the same time not as good as, white-collar week gentleman tells a reporter, she ever had been encountered when the bank conducts business decorate a circumstance, "The feeling that took date to wait to breathe formaldehyde ceaselessly aside is very afflictive really. " and Miss Li expresses, decorating medium beauty parlor do one's hair, canorous noise lets her cannot enjoy moment quiet, be connected and hairstyle division communication also should pull voice to cry, the feeling is extremely sick.

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