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Hangzhou house property is complained, 4 large issue are the hottest
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Building quality, complete decorate violate a treaty of business of room, development to sell high price, one house two sell --

Arrive again " 3 · 15 " . A few days ago, the reporter is protected from Zhejiang province disappear appoint understanding arrives, complete 2007 province accepts commodity house consumption to complain a case to be as high as 691. Zhejiang province disappear is protected appoint announced complete 2007 province 10 big spending complain heat, commodity house kind complain rank among them.

The commodity house that regards consumptive domain as one of main consumable, its consume the problem such as the area that involves commodity itself not only, structure, quality, still ratio of program, volume, as fair as the village build establishment of form a complete set, property to wait about, and the saving of drag in of house of a commodity to generation person or person of a few generation. Last year, hangzhou building city clinchs a deal the quantity achieves a history again new tall, house price rises also belong to greatly in last few years infrequent. Below such fervent building city, is house property complained a what new characteristic to present?

Join relevant case, we returned specially to invite Chen Zhong of vice director of office of attorney of couplet of Zhejiang short for Zhejiang Province's lawyer how dimension authority undertakes commenting on.

Heat one: Building quality

Hangzhou building city developed flourishingly last year, begin from May, draw a big positive line, house price also as go up all the way. While the house price that increases too quickly is stimulating building city to develop, a few enterprises too pursuit grows rate, oversight project quality, city giving a floor left a lot of snake in the grass.
According to statistic, zhejiang province disappear was protected 2007 appoint accept what cause because of quality problem to complain 405, occupy always accept commodity house consumption to complain a case 58.6% 691. Basically foundation sinks, the quality problem such as water of ooze of wall body craze, building.

Complain case:

Mr Zhang was bought last year Hangzhou outskirts some building dish, quality problem discovered when the building decorates: Second lie there is one break on the ceiling that has decorated, and spread to the condole ark part that already had made; Advocate lie the break that ceiling also has way of a north and south. Personnel thinks to the spot be well versed in is interstitial truly related property personnel and development company, undertook repairing below the case that did not give rewrite. Mr Zhang complains property and development business to give objective, fair appraisal and the premise that without oneself check and approve agrees with to build case of medicine made of two or more ingredients to fall in the legal orgnaization that does not have authority, do sth without authorization is repaired, and the method of repair is too simple.  
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