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Shop of the business that order is about to retreat, can be deposit retreated?
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Listened to the salesperson's conduct propaganda, look at price reasonable also. Citizen tall lady took a fancy to the business shop of some square, be in cursory in advanced deposit. Recently, the business shop area that finds a hand when her is lesser, when wanting to return a house, it is quite difficult to discover however.

Tall lady expresses, she an economic atmosphere is general, the gentleman has diabetic, disease is retreated in the home old. Two people's current emeritus pay is not worth 2000 yuan, treat a disease plus what do not poor every year charge, always feel old to a future life does not have safeguard alive. Close paragraph of time, she sees city north some square is being spread in business of sell like hot cakes, designed before go looking. Arrived the spot, the salesperson is very enthusiastic, tell her every to square metre wants only 5000 multivariate. Tall lady planned, the floor area of 4 appearance is 70 much square metre, total prices does not pass 3389, return petty gain curtilage than buying one ring. And their couple two age are old, pension little, worked hard all one's life the money below assemble is afraid of devalue, be inferior to buying next business stores here, can subsidize family expenses in the future.

When tall lady requirement salesperson helps her specific calculate when calculating total prices, the other side tells her, if want to calculate price, be about to pay deposit immediately. Because hear business shop sells very well, tall lady concern crosses paragraph of time to be able to be sold, also did not hit a phone to ask a family member, take out bank card at once, let the other side delimit 6000 yuan of deposit, sign subscribe agreement. A few days are done not have after be being bought, she always feels not dependable, undertake to the market again " survey " , the rate getting a house that hears business is spread is inferior, it is only 51% , that is to say, she the floor area of that 70 much square metre, actual usable floor area is left and right sides of 35 square metre only. Moreover, her shop is in 4 buildings, city opening is not quite perfect also. Then, tall lady produced those who retreat a shop to read aloud, when she finds a salesperson, the accused knows, what what she pays is deposit, if return a house, this fund is not withdrawn, all clauses are being written clearly in subscribe agreement.

Legal group public figure thinks, generally speaking, if mention expressly on relevant receipt,be deposit, both sides has an agreement to cannot be retreated clearly again, can agree according to the agreement only so. But if sign subscribe agreement, did not mention expressly the specific place of the building, monovalent, floor area, do not have the fundamental important condition of the contract namely, so the agreement is invalid, this deposit that pay can ask to return.

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