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Hitting " help city " cover " the drawback that buy a house " sedimentary extens
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City of near future building " save city to talk " cause a temporary clamor, and the state of mind of a few person that buy a house has been used by its. Our newspaper reporter investigated understanding to arrive yesterday, in " save city to talk " below the circumstance of disturbed market sentiment, increase sharply of house property bilk.

"This is a fraud, today already ten. Had before this kind of fraud two years, but appear recently much rise, have a few days ago female was cheated 270 thousand. " in road of cause home creek building of bureau of tax of 800 Shanghai state fell yesterday, national Day of security personnel plum is heard say " the drawback that buy a house " blunt ground says.

The Zhang Yue that the inquiry comes to before (alias) it is teacher of a middle school, the day before yesterday early in the morning, he what live in Macao road receives a strange telephone call, a man says: "I am treasury of bureau of Shanghai state tax receives those who pay a center, we give the house property drawback that you send registered letter, were you received? Today is conduction the last day, how to see you will deal with. " back-to-back a little interrogative Zhang Yue is heard again, "Are you the householder of date of Macao Lu Mou, be the house that bought in January 2008, according to new policy, your house accords with drawback condition, ask you to taking Id and house property card to deal with rapidly. Ask you to taking Id and house property card to deal with rapidly..

The man listens to the hesitation that gave Zhang Yue it seems that, "Didn't you read newspaper recently, the country wants ' help city ' , engrave not only duty is OK derate, and can drawback. " subsequently its self introduction says, "You are OK I am appellation Director Li, your drawback number is 105116, press total of the money that buy a house 1% offer the subsidy that buy a house, you give me Id number rapidly. You give me Id number rapidly..

"He says the information of my house is right, when buying a house at that time, cost of of all kinds tax was handed in many, hear of want drawback to say plus him ' help city ' , I am done not have so suspected. " Zhang Yue told him Id subsequently, that says from what weigh Director Li specific conduction means is dialed 51085066.

Zhang Yue ever still got online consult, discover Chengdu came on stage to give aid to really sexual policy, "Buying a room to take on 10 thousand yuan of subsidy is not a dream " , chengdu buys general goods housing now, the local income share that can pay agree tax by place offers sum subsidy, buy other goods room and already managed building property the housing putting an amount of card, the local income share that pays agree tax by place offers 50% subsidy.

Then, zhang Yue dialed this telephone again, the other side says to two kinds of means can be dealt with, one kind is to pass bank card to turn Zhang can take money, turn Zhang conduction method is: Dial telephone of a speech, input " drawback number " , reintroduce bank blocks calorie of date and password, can finish turn Zhang. Also can arrive in addition " road of cause home creek 800 5 buildings 501 " office spot will deal with, zhang Yue decides he goes dealing with, the one act that appeared to begin then.
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