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80 hind roller coaster of price of estate market room is entered first bring ris
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On August 28, shenzhen citizen Yang Jing gets online the discovery when examining a court to carry out information, had hit the house-owner of the other side of two lawsuit with oneself last year, having notting carrying out a court to adjudicate the circumstance of the result falls, sued oneself the court again.

Last year in April, tall look forward to of Shenzhen house price when, yang Jing's husband and wife discussed to buy a house. Doing not have those who think of is, house price was experienced climb like switchback mix high fall after a rise. Present they, did not take a room not only, owed debt, in the lawsuit that returns defect to because house price strum is caused,be in cannot extricate oneself.

House price is climbed tall, refus selling the home sells house property

Although be born in 80 time jointly, the Yang Jing that sits before the reporter and husband had given birth to white hair, appearance exhaustion. They are taken out one thick crowded legal lawsuit material tells a reporter, experienced judicial trial twice, arrive from last year this year, paid for this house too much.

On April 1, 2007, after many compare and examine, yang Jing is medium one is located in center of Shenzhen city Baoan of village of Ou Lijing international secondhand room, want to be bought do marry bridal chamber. When with Yang Jing the lot falls an agreement, edge of house-owner Tan some signs to tell them at the same time, house price still is rising now, if pass on sells,spend a few months, can sell for certain go out.

That is house price mad go up April 2007, this house that is located in Shenzhen outside Shanghaiguan also sold every square metre 9100 yuan. Because the building uses fixed number of year to had not exceeded 5 years, pattern, environment is belonged to in congener village excellent. Thenceforth begins, house price is going everyday almost, continuously ground upgrade goes up. According to introducing, to August, the house goes up to every square metre 16 thousand yuan.

That year on April 11, yang Jing applied for to mortgage loan to the bank. May, the formalities that buy a house has not done, for the building of 50 days of atone for that Tan Mou did not agree by the contract with intermediary, do not agree to cooperate intermediary to do the procedure such as the change the name of owner in a register of building of a few atone for that remain. Later, he is flat cancelled in the bank entrust notarial deed (namely break down the right) that intermediary gives his conduction atone for the floor in the bank.

Face the house price that still rises, bargaining of Yang Jing and Tan Mou. Tan Shui, this room did not sell, receive how many subscription with respect to go back how many money. Shenzhen buys a house there is in the contract, once sign an agreement, if break one's promise, criterion break one's promise just will pay a huge sum of the other side compensation. Their both sides agrees, if break one's promise compensates for penalty due to breach of contract 200 thousand yuan.
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