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Building consign: What the contract cannot bear is heavy
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Each are differ to consign condition understanding

◆ case answers put:

Many 100 owner of some project of garden of Xi of wood of the 3 annulus austral Beijing, because control room quality problem and development,business happening contradicts. Owner plum gentleman points out, development business did not produce residential guarantee of quality,
Residential operation instruction handbook and complete are checked and accept put on record the watch " 3 large certificate " urge owner to control a house, owner is at ease hard. Director Sun of selling office office says, handle affairs so that want a process, the ability after residential guarantee of quality and residential operation instruction handbook are making a room sends owner by property.

Compere: Does house of commodity of development business pay need what to requirement have?

Liu Guilin: Be in Beijing, at present building consign condition basically has 3: The first, offer complete to check and accept put on record watch; The 2nd, provide actual measurement area; The 3rd, offer " two books " , namely residential guarantee of quality and residential operation instruction handbook. In the meantime, since January 1, 2006, the branch that still needs to offer an one test door check and accept a proof. Begin from 2007, beijing is built appoint publish new policy again, establishment of requirement form a complete set also wants synchronism to check and accept, serve as the condition that make a room. Those who need an attention is, complete is checked and accept put on record the consign condition that the watch is Beijing, other province city does not implement this system certainly. According to the State Council " regulation of construction project quality " , consign condition is combined to have all directions of manage of reconnaissance, design, construction, inspect check and accept sheet.

Qin Bing: The condition of consign commodity house includes statutory requirement and stipulation. With respect to legal important document, the requirement has complete to check and accept put on record licence of card, program waits access of watch, land a moment. Stipulation namely owner and development business are specific in the contract conventional content. Obtain complete to check and accept put on record the lowermost requirement that the watch is consign building, see the concrete agreement of the contract again next.

Zhang Xiang: Consign condition needs the agreement according to the contract. In the contract the agreement nots agree with when lawful law sets, criterion provision of according to law.

According to " building law " regulation, estate does not get consign to use without checking and accept qualification. " fire service law " formulary building fire control is used without checking and accept qualification not to get pay. Environmental protection is checked and accept unqualified also do not get consign to use. This 3 o'clock is the bottom line of building consign. Both sides of some places party agrees " this building experience receives qualification " consign, but specific what is eligible, can have a lot of controversy. Development trade position obtains all directions complete to check and accept check and ratify to express but still half-baked put on record to be belonged to namely check and accept qualification, but consign building. But if the contract agreed,obtain put on record express ability but consign, that is obtained put on record the bottom line that the watch makes building delivery.
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